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Conquer the college pre-screen with Coco Cohn!



July 14, 21, 28, August 4 and 11


5-week online Master Series - $250

Ages - Incoming High School Junior and Seniors

College Campus

Pre-screen season is just around the corner! These days, many college MT and Theatre programs are requiring pre-screens before you can even get an audition. If you feel lost in what you should be preparing or what the expectations are, this is the class for you! Led by Coco Cohn, THE COLLEGE PREP CLASS is an overview of how to prepare and stand out in your college pre-screen. Learn the ins and outs of the pre-screen, get feedback on your material selection, get direction on your material and get valuable self-tape feedback.  Aside from Coco's vast performing and coaching experience, she was also an adjunct at Pace University, which makes her an even better mentor and guide on this topic.  Wayne Petro, Associate Director of Enrollment at Pace University, will join us on the final class to offer his guidance and feedback as well! Conquer the pre-screen!!

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