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Below are our current and upcoming offerings.  New series are added often.  Check back here or follow our social media for updates!

Girl Band B&W


6/24    2-3:30PM EST

7/1      2-3:30PM EST

7/8      2-3:30PM EST

2020 Outer Critics Circle Award Winner and Broadway star Judy McLane leads this exciting series!  Each week will focus on different exercises that will increase confidence and help you build a healthy practice in order to shine 8 shows a week!  In addition to technique, this class will also work on the interpretation of the songs in your book.  All too often we isolate the technique in exercises and then our emoting and performing throw the technique off.  Judy will work on both simultaneously, so you'll be able to channel your inner Taylor Louderman or Audra McDonald, without letting your diva-ness upset the technique.  Work.  Werk.  Werq.


Limited to 6

Ages 17+

College Campus


7/14     2-4PM EST

7/21     2-4PM EST

7/28     2-4PM EST

8/4       2-4PM EST

8/11     2-4PM EST

College pre-screens are around the corner. If you feel lost in what you should be preparing or what the expectations are, this is the class for you! Led by Coco Cohn, THE COLLEGE PREP CLASS is an overview of how to prepare and stand out in your pre-screen, Aside from Coco's vast performing and coaching experience, she was also an adjunct at Pace University, which makes her an even better mentor and guide on this topic.  Wayne Petro, Associate Director of Enrollment at Pace University, will join us on the final class to offer his guidance and feedback as well! Conquer the pre-screen!!


Limited to 8 incoming

HS Juniors and Seniors

Indian Street Art




Led by Monica Kapoor, this class explores the world of Bollywood dance and India’s beautiful and vibrant culture.  “Bollywood” refers to the major film industry in India.  Most Bollywood films are musicals, which contain beautiful and elaborate dance numbers.  Combinations will encompass everything from contemporary fusion-based styles to classical and folk styles, combining traditional steps with western and current movement. Classes include a warm-up, combination, and stretching/strengthening exercises.  


Ages 16+

Image by Saksham Gangwar


6/29    5-6:30PM EST

6/30    5-6:30PM EST

7/1      5-6:30PM EST

Kathak Dance is one of the most vibrant and oldest forms of classical dance originating from India. Within the structure of rhythm or Taal, it is versatile and includes a focus on learning and understanding dance technique, rhythmical math, storytelling, subtle facial expressions, dynamic footwork, and striking poses. Led by internationally renowned Kathak dance artist- Shila Mehta who specializes in the Lucknow Gharana, this three-day workshop will appeal to dancers of all skill levels. Shila will use rhythm as a focal element to explore the attributes of Kathak while sharing her insights into Indian performing arts as a vehicle for self-discovery.


Ages 13+


Female Singer


7/15   2-3:30PM EST

7/22   2-3:30PM EST

7/29   2-3:30PM EST

Broadway diva and 2020 Outer Critics Award winner Judy McClane is back for this awesome series!  Singing can be SO intimidating for dancers.  With a nice bit of dance training herself, Judy knows how to approach the voice from a dancer's perspective.  She leads this class with love, knowledge and warmth, creating an unintimidating environment where everyone is in the same boat and lifts each other up in their journey towards being a diva singer as well as the diva dancer they already are!  


Limited to 6

Ages 17+



7/1      2:30-4:30PM EST

7/8      2:30-4:30PM EST

7/15    2:30-4:30PM EST

7/22    2:30-4:30PM EST

What is funny?  Who gets to decide that?  Coco Cohn and you, that's who!  In our series, WHAT IS FUNNY?, you will work on a combination of writing comedy content and acting the funny.  

Aside from being the arbiter of funny, Coco has industry experience writing, directing, and developing original theatrical works. She has also worked on THE SUITE LIFE OF ZACK AND CODY, iCARLY and NED'S DECLASSIFIED SCHOOL SURVIVAL GUIDE.   As if you needed to hear more, she is also a Broadway star.  Yup.  She knows her stuff.  


Limited to 8

Ages 18+

Video Blogging



Video submissions are the new audition norm and social media is an ever popular way to reach an audience. In this master series, limited to 9 people, Broadway's OG Princess Jasmine and social media star Courtney Reed will  teach the tricks of the self tape trade - whether it's for audition submissions, social media content or any other project\!  Courtney will offer individual feedback to each student to help improve their content.  No matter what the goal of your content, Courtney can guide your approach.  Plus, we can tell you that nobody is kinder, funnier or more genuine than Courtney Reed. She truly is a princess.


Limited to 9

Age 18+

coming soon

Our wellness courses are ongoing and pay-what-you-can.  We believe in self-care and are happy to offer these classes to anyone who desires them!  

*Pay-what-you-can donations go towards paying our wellness instructors for their time and talent.  

Sunset Yoga



9-9:30PM EST

Light a candle, hang up some twinkle lights and unwind from the day. Led by Meghann Dreyfuss, this 30 minute, open level class links gentle yoga poses to the breath, creating a relaxing moving meditation that will quiet the mind and bring it into the present moment, preparing you for sleep.

Pay what you can

Workout Shoes



We're thrilled to offer our newest pay-what-you-can wellness class, Hit It Or Quit It.  This is our first wellness course outside of the yoga space and we can't wait to bring you this awesome class that focuses on cardio and strength training using your own body weight - no weights needed!  Details for this class, plus the announcement of our AMAZING new teaching artist will be posted soon!

Pay what you can

coming soon
Yoga Twist



9-10AM EST

Good morning, weekend! Led by Deanna Aguinaga-Whyte, this open level class uses asanas and breath work, to center you and prepare you for the weekend, whatever that might mean for you. Balancing flexibility, stability and strength, this practice focuses on a connection to what is within and tapping into our inner power and light.

Pay what you can

Woman in a Yoga Pose



12-1PM EST

Led by Meghann Dreyfuss, this mid-week, midday, open level Vinyasa flow class blends breath and mindful movement as a way to check in with ourselves both physically and mentally.  We will flow through creative sequences as we energize, build strength and work towards relaxation. 

Pay what you can

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